Bug Fixes V3.02:

  • Ability to Change Categories: Managers & Admin can now reassign categories.

Bug Fixes V3.01:

  • 3rd Party Reports: Now include the room and flat details.
  • Add Room: Ability to access Add Room functionality.
  • Add Photo: Issue where photos where not upload fixed.
  • Nixon Flats and Rooms: Fixed Nixon Court Room Listing to include flat and room number.

Key Changes V3.0:

  • Room Lists Added: When adding a new job this can be against a defined room enabling data about individual rooms.
  • Property Groups Added: To reflect the change in the properties this has now been added.
  • Add New Job Page Fixed: This should now work on any device.
  • Table Version Dropped: Due to low usage and high support the option to view maint issues as a table has been dropped.


  • Room Audit/Inspections Added: Ability to audit a room/room items state.
  • Issue from Item: A linked maintenance job following an inspection.
  • Priority Assignment: Set Priority direct from the job.
  • 3rd Party Assignment: Assign a job to a 3rd party such as estates or other rather than always to estates.
  • Search Improvements: Searchs remain on page rather than refreshing page.


  • Projects Added: Abliity to create projects added.
  • Assign Maint Job to Project: Keep all your maintenance jobs tagged to a project together for easy reference.
  • Assigned Jobs: Assigned Jobs include inspections and maintenance items.
  • Maintain Lists: List items can now be amended from within the admin areas with out the need for technical help.